Dahi Kabab/Hung Curd Kabab

This is a snack item made from dahi/curd/yogurt. This is my husband's favourite😊 as he loves eating yogurt in any form. So my evening snack for today was dahi Kabab and it was soft and creamy and delicious😋. So let's get straight to the recipe. Method to make hung curd Take full fat yogurt 1/2 … Continue reading Dahi Kabab/Hung Curd Kabab

Masala Lassi/Spicy Churned Curd

Hi guys today I made a yogurt drink called lassi in the morning. It's made with yogurt, salt, sugar and some mild spices. You can add fruits as well if you like different flavours. It's served cold and is very good for digestion. It prevents bloating and is very refreshing. Let's begin. Serves - 2 … Continue reading Masala Lassi/Spicy Churned Curd